Our History


Dunn's Famous Delicatessen

Myer Dunn circa 1927

A Montréal legend for three quarters of a century, Dunn's Famous was the creation of an even larger legend—Myer Dunn. Myer and his proud family emigrated from Europe early in the last century and began a new life in Montréal.

As young as 17 years old, Myer began his life-long career making the finest smoked meats and serving the very best sandwiches to the working class people of Montréal.

Following the hallmarks of quality and value taught to him by his parents, Myer opened his first delicatessen in 1927. He was a tireless worker, smoking his meats in the same European traditions that his parents learned and hand cutting it in the thinnest slices to provide his clientele with the best taste experience possible—24 hours a day! A legend was born.

In 1948, Myer opened his second restaurant, the first to carry the name Dunn's Famous Delicatessen, and in 1955 he made a big move "downtown" where a 24-hour restaurant was virtually unheard of.

His friends counseled him that he would "lose his shirt" if he didn't lock his door in the evenings. Myer retorted "I can't lock the door because I threw away the key." Myer persevered, and the people came at all hours of the day and night to enjoy his special delights—and the business never looked back.

"People eat with their eyes" Myer used to say. "Let all the food portions be big and the restaurant be spotless."

Myer loved the business and the people he served, taking special interest in his regulars, their families and friends. He was an integral part of their community and the community was the base of his friendships. As he felt that he was always entertaining his friends in his restaurant, he ensured that the place was always clean, the portions always large and the quality always excellent.

Myer passed away in 1993, but his reputation and values live on across Canada in the form of Dunn's Famous Delicatessens. Welcome to Myer Dunn's dream and his passion—welcome to Dunn's Famous Delicatessen.

Dunn's Famous today on Dalhousie in the Byward Market